Design and Implementation Client Server of Image Data Processing on Mirosot Robotsoccer System

[S]OCCER is one of the most interesting sports in the society. FIFA records that at least 700 million people watched final match of World Cup 2010. Soccer is interesting not only to play but also to research. Especially to whom is researching the artificial intelligence.

Every one middle league team in Mirosot, it must not only have five robots but also a host computer, a communication module, and a camera to record the movements of the robots. It means, in a match, there are at least two cameras for each team in the field. A robot soccer match actually can be recorded by just one camera. Later, the result of the camera image will be sent to each team to be treated for their strategy.

The data will be sent to each host computer or client through the Local Area Network (LAN) by using the framework IOCP.
This thesis explains the system development of Mirosot robot soccer with the client server system which separates the image processing and the strategy processing. The result of this research shows the client server system can play the Mirosot soccer match well.